Rakam API

This is your company-wide data and analytics platform. Easy to install, addictive to use.

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Rich analytical features

Rakam API is a RESTFul API with more than 60 endpoints. You send your data, integrate your data sources using this API and you will also be using this API in order to analyze your data and run SQL queries. We use Swagger as API framework and provide both mobile and web SDKs for you to integrate Rakam into your applications.

Designed to handle your event-data at any scale

It's developed in Java 8 and Javascript V8 and designed for big-data. A simple 2GB server can handle +10K events per second, our customers process 50B+ events monthly with Rakam API

One-click installers to your cloud provider

We also provide one click installers to cloud providers such as AWS, Heroku, Digitalocean. They take care of load balancing and help you deployment and scaling the cluster. You don’t need a data engineer.

Customizable, it scales with your company

We’re aware that your analytics needs change when your company grows but your analytics services doesn’t grow with your company and in fact, that’s why we created Rakam. You can enrich your data with your custom logic, create your own modules and build your own solutions such as recommendation, fraud detection using the data collected via Rakam.

How it works?

PostgreSQL (Community Edition)

Presto (Enterprise Edition)

Postgresql analytics with partitioned tables

Collect data via SDKs

→ Run SQL

  1. SELECT city,
  2.        avg(quantity) AS avg_quantity,
  3.        sum(price) AS basket_price 
  4. FROM transaction 
  5. GROUP BY city 
  6. ORDER BY basket_price DESC

One-click deployments

You can install Rakam easily to our AWS account with our Cloudformation template, Google Cloud via Kubernetes and Heroku via our one-click installer. It's also fairly easy to install on-premise using Kubernetes.

Horizontally scalable for big-data

We have customers who process 50B+ events per month with Rakam, the system automatically scales itself so you don't need to worry about scalability problem.