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Growth Hacking Strategy To Get Awareness

I love marketing on Linkedin, and recently I started use Dux-Soup to create awareness. Let me tell you about my little guerilla technique:

I use Dux-Soup to visit the profiles of my target audience. I usually set my bot for 200 visits per day. The reason behind this is to create awareness.

Think about it this way; when someone visits your profile you probably check their profile back to see who is this person and what is he doing? So when you visit someone else’s profile, the first thing you are going to see is the description written on their profile and because of this, you need to write a great story very clear about what you do and the solution your company offering (core value proposition).

So when someone visits your profile back they will most likely check what company you work for and they might be curious to visit your company page to get more information about the firm, and this will provide you free traffic and awareness to your company. Even if they don’t visit your company they will be aware of the existence of your company because it’s written on your profile.

I don’t guarantee that every profile you visit will come back and visit your profile and then read your description or check the company you work for. But even if the 30% percent of the people you visit come back to check your profile and the company you work for you will still get 60 people who got to know about your company.

Doing this LinkedIn automation would only take 5 minutes. The first thing to do is to use the filtering in LinkedIn to find your target audience ( For example product managers based in the US). When you are done with this, you can go ahead and start your automated profile visiting.

To summarise here are the detailed steps to follow:

  1. Download Dux-Soup
  2. Define your target persona
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile page and make sure to fill your profile description section and explain what your company does with few words. Don’t write what you sell instead explain what problem are you solving or what result are you selling?
  4. Filter out your target persona from LinkedIn if you have Sales Navigator that’s even better
  5. Once you filter out your target audience save this search result
  6. Click on your saved list and start Dux-Soup to visit profiles
  7. I recommend you to set daily limits to 150 or 300 if you Sales Navigator

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