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How Rakam Works

Install Rakam

Install rakam to your cloud provider with one click

Deploy Rakam

Integrate data sources

Integrate your website, mobile app, database or third party sources

Integrate Data Sources

Reports & dashboards

Explore your data with funnels, retention and segmentation reports or directly using SQL.

Create Reports and Dashboards

Share with your team

Once you created your reports and dashboard, share them with your team.

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Our Products

Rakam API

Takes care of collecting, enriching (No more complex ETL!) and storing the data on data warehouse. One-click installation to your AWS, Heroku, Digitalocean accounts or on-premise servers via Docker.

  • Open source, deploy it at your premise or in the cloud.
  • Scalable, our customers currently store +30B events monthly
  • Feature-rich and customizable with more than +50 endpoints
  • Store data on your servers
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Rakam UI

Visualize and analyze your data within seconds. A simple and intuitive user interface for business users and data scientists.

  • Create your custom reports using SQL with dynamic variable support.
  • Create your dashboards and customize the layout for your use-case
  • Run funnels, retention and segmentation reports easily with drag & drop.
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