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Getting deeper insights on customer data has never been this easy while lessening the burden on your data team.

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How Rakam Works

Connecting to your database

We support most of the data warehouses that is commonly used for storing event-data, you simply enter your database credentials and connect to your data.

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Mapping your data layout

You define the event tables using our user interface, the user attribute and timestamp columns in event tables so that we can provide you the product analytics tool for non-technical users to analyze your event data.

Creating reports & dashboards

Explore your data with funnel, retention and segmentation reports or directly using SQL for custom reports. You can also create dashboards with custom layout from your reports.

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Share with your teams

You can share your reports & dashboards with your teams easily. We provide enterprise-level features such as table, row and column permissions and support third-party identity providers such as OKTA.

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Our Products

Rakam Intelligence

Visualize and analyze your customer event data easily. A simple and intuitive user interface for product managers and data analysts. Our aim is to empower product teams while lessening the burden on your data team.

  • Run funnel, retention and segmentation reports easily.
  • Mke your reports lighting fast with incremental materialized views.
  • Create your custom reports using SQL with dynamic variable support.
  • Create your dashboards and customize the layout for your use-case
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Rakam API

Takes care of collecting, enriching and storing your user event data on your data warehouse. One-click installation to your AWS, Heroku, Digitalocean accounts or on-premise servers via Docker.

  • Open source, deploy it on your premise or on your cloud.
  • Scalable, we have customers currently store +30B events monthly
  • Feature-rich and customizable for your use-cases
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