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Top 5 Strategies for Growth

First, it starts with an idea, and then you begin to work on it and see if it is possible to bring your idea to life. After you decide that a viable product or business can be created from your idea, you start to work hard to get there.

You worked hard and launched your business, and you thought that this was the finish line because you finally launched your product. You realized that you were wrong; it was not the finish line instead it was the beginning.

Whether you are in the tech sector or consumer goods, you have a target revenue in your head that you want to reach one day. You need growth to get there whether it’s a $100m revenue per month or $1m, you still need the same thing that will you carry you there, and it’s called GROWTH.

In this article, I will share some of the strategies I have learned to fire the growth is SaaS companies.

Know Your Core Value Proposition

Before you even start to think about preparing a smart growth strategy, you should be sure that you know the core value your startup delivers. When you plan to create a suitable growth strategy for your company, you need to define how your uniqueness will fulfill customer expectations.

Widen Your Market

You could argue that your product is a niche but if your market size is limited to a small number of people then you are future growth will be stunned because the market size is not big enough to grow. Try to extend your market size ask to yourself “what other problems we can solve”?

Solving the problems of the masses is a sure way to start your growth engines to reach your target revenue.

Build a Strong Team

Growth game is not a one-person show, so you have to hire the best team to aid you. When you are building up your team, it is essential to hire people who believe in why you do what you do. When you hire someone, you should make sure that the only common thing you share is not the co-working space you share because all of you need to be united under the same vision and goal.

Accurately Target Your Audience

You could have the best product and the best marketing team, but if you don’t know who is your target audience, then your dreams of achieving a hyper-growth are not possible. Knowing your target audience will allow you to enhance your products in a way that suits the needs of your prospects and deliver the right targeting message to them.

Before you start doing anything about the growth plan make sure that you do some research on who would buy your product or services. Put your findings into writing and create a buyer persona.


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