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How Customer Event Data Can Help Your Business?

Customers are the backbones of your business. It’s important to know what kind of customer you have and how they behave in your web or mobile app. You need to gather and store customer event data to understand your customers better.

What Is Customer Event Data?

When you have a mobile or web app, your users perform different actions when they visit your platform. For example, if you visit an e-commerce website, and you add an item to your basket. This action is considered an event data. The scope is not limited to the example I have given above, there are many different customer event types for various businesses.

Businesses collect event data, to analyze it by using various platforms. Analyzing customer event data allows businesses to have an understanding of their user’s behaviours. There is no restriction on how much event data you can gather depending on your application you could have thousands or millions of different user events.

In Rakam we provide the most hassle-free way of analysing your customer event data. We believe that analysing your customer event data should be hassle-free even for the people who don’t have any coding knowledge. That’s why we created our company.

How Can Customer Event Data Help?

Collecting event data, allows product managers to ask more questions about users. This leads to having a broader view on users. There are many ways of putting customer event data to use.

Using Event Data as a Trigger: You can select a certain event and everytime user performs the selected event you can send them a notification. For example, if you are a social media company, you can select ‘post’ as a specific event and every time one of your users post something you can send them a message.

Segmentation: You can segment your users and this will allow you to analyse how different groups of your users behave. You can segment your users by age, location, device type, language and so on.

Create Funnels: By creating funnels you can see “in which part of your funnel users drops significantly?”. This feature allows you to pinpoint the bottlenecks. You could be am e-commerce company an on your funnel you see a significant drop rate in your payment page. This could be your bottleneck, maybe you don’t offer the payment types most people prefer.

Retention: You can define the first event and return event, and see what percentage of the users who did the first event came back and performed the return event. Basically, it measures how many of your users came to your app after the initial usage. With retention, you can measure if your user growth is sustainable.


If you are B2C company you need to understand your customers better to offer them a better experience and gain their loyalty to your company. If you want to do that, you have to analyse customer event data by using a Product Analytics tool.


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