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How Is Rakam Different From Generic BI Tools?

If you searched for Business Intelligence tools, you are probably familiar with big names such as Looker, Tableau, Periscope Data, Mode Analytics and so on. We call these tools generic business intelligence tools. This article will enlighten you on how we are different than the tools we mentioned above.

Product Analytics

We don’t call ourself business intelligence tool. Instead, we call ourself product analytics tool. We solely focus on product data and allow you to gather customer event data and visualize it to gain insight on your customers. But do not confuse us with the marketing analytics tool. Marketing analytics focuses on the earlier periods of the customer journey. We are more concerned with gathering behavioral data on your current customers and let you analyze it with various visualization options so that you can get a better understanding on your users and optimize your product to provide a better environment to your customers.

You Don’t Need To Have a Technical Background to Use Our Platform

We created Rakam as a non-technical background user-friendly tool. Generic BI tools require users to have specific knowledge of coding. People who usually analyze user events are the non-technical people such as the product teams. When a tool requires coding, product teams becomes dependent on the data teams to write queries. This dependency harms the efficiency of the product teams because every time a product manager comes up with a hypothesis he has to get help from his friend on the data team to analyze. Although this sounds okay, there are problems with this relationship. Data teams can be busy therefore request from a product manager could increase their burden considering the other tasks they have. What happens is that product managers get to ask less question because they need assistance from the data teams every time they come up with a new report, and also data team’s workload becomes heavier as product managers ask more questions.

We created Rakam to reduce the dependency of the product teams to data teams. You can have deep insight into your customers without writing SQL. You can use features such as funnel retention and segmentation without writing a single code.

If you wish to create ad-hoc reports, you can get the help from your data team. Once the report is created, it can be saved to your dashboard so that you can view the report next time without getting help from a data team.

We understand your data layout

In most of the tools, the focus is on creating charts but that’s not what we’re trying to do. Similar to Looker’s LookML feature, we have taxonomy feature which allows you to create pre-defined metrics, add label and categorize your tables and views, mark them as filterable, groupable or metricable so that your non-technical users can use the UI in a seamless way.


We try to differentiate by being a niche analytics platform rather than giving you a predefined metrics like how generic BI tools do. Instead of giving you a fancy predefined metrics we allow you to create reports from scratch.

Rakam is On-Premise

Unlike most of the BI tools, you don’t have to send your data to us. We don’t have access to your environment. Our tool works on your database we know that some of the industries are very sensitive when it comes to sharing data and it can be stressful to send your confidential data to a third party. Don’t stress because as mentioned previously, you are not required to share your data with us. Rakam is plug n play on top of your database.


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