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We are excited to announce Rakam is joining LiveRamp

Dear Rakam customers,

In 2016, we started Rakam with a mission to enable companies to analyze customer data with low code. On this mission, we built an open-source data ingestion tool (Rakam API) that lets companies collect their company data from different sources into their cloud databases and a cloud-agnostic customer analytics and segmentation platform (Rakam BI) that enables companies to draw real-time insights from their data warehouses and create custom audiences. Last but not least, we launched our open-source Headless BI solution, Metriql, this year. Our philosophy with all these products is always to enable non-technical people to interact with the data in an easy way once the data people model the data.

With each product, we aimed to make data accessible to everyone by providing teams with the tools they can use. Data teams used rakam API to track and collect customer event data into their databases/lakes/warehouses. Later, data teams today called Analytics engineers used Metriql to define their metrics as code inside their data warehouses and sync these metrics to their favorite downstream tools. One of those downstream tools which have natively integrated with Metriql is Rakam BI. Non-technical teams, most typically product or marketing teams, used Rakam BI to interact with their data and create custom ad-hoc reports to draw insights on customer behavior and product usage. All these products had a few things in common:

- They run directly on top of the customer’s own warehouse without compromising privacy and security.

- They don’t rely on each other; they can play well together as well as with other modern data stack tools.

- They offer purpose-built experiences to meet specific teams’ use cases and needs; they are not all-in-one tools.

We believe the path to data democratization is as simple as using the right tool for the right job.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Rakam is joining LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform. Joining forces, Rakam’s technology will be embedded into LiveRamp’s platform to provide a single, unified segmentation solution and enable LiveRamp clients to generate real-time insights and create custom audiences wherever their data resides.

We’ve been talking to various teams within LiveRamp over the past few months and quickly realized we share the same values, vision and mission. And we decided to join forces to do what we’ve been doing at Rakam in the past years on a larger scale with the LiveRamp teams and clients. Since we all will be focusing on the joint vision of LiveRamp and Rakam, we’ll need to sunset some of our products: Rakam BI & API will be shut down in the following months. We will contact our customers to provide more details about the next steps for their subscriptions.

We will continue developing and maintaining our Headless BI solution, Metriql under the LiveRamp umbrella and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to use it on large-scale infrastructure projects. We will maintain our community support and work on the integrations with favorite data tools with the community’s help. Our vision aligns with LiveRamp about Metriql; we believe in a world where the data warehouses are the single source of truth and there is a need for a middleware layer like Metriql in between the data warehouses and the downstream tools.

We’d like to thank everyone that has been part of our journey since 2016 and especially to all our early believers, customers and users for their continuous support, feedback, bug reports and ideas. You all made today’s announcement possible!

Burak Emre Kabakci
Founder of Rakam


Burak Emre Kabakci