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What is Rakam?

Lately we’ve been struggling around some questions for Rakam.
Mostly we’re getting questions like;What’s Rakam?Why we need to use itWhat’s your core product?First things first and we should admit Rakam Designed for companies that cares about Data Driven.With Rakam you can create your custom analytics services without development need. No coding required. Rakam helps people transform data into actionable insights. From early-stage startups and small businesses to global enterprises, people everywhere can use it to see and understand their data.Not enough?
Let’s check our products as well..

Products of RakamRakam APIIt’s your analytics backend, you can setup Rakam API with just one click and power your business intelligence.- Rich analytical features with more than 100 endpoints- One-click installation to AWS, Heroku, Digitalocean or Docker.- It’s modular, enable the features that you want to use or develop custom modules for your needs.- Designed to handle your events concurrently at any scale. Both horizontally and vertically scalable.

Rakam UI/BIIt’s your BI tool. Connect your Rakam API and create your custom analytics service that powers your company’s BI.- Simple and powerful business intelligence.- Security is not a feature, it’s state of mind.- Advanced visualizations techniques.- Customize for your needs, it’s flexible

Rakam Pre-Built AnalyticsWe’re aware that creating your own reports is not an easy task, don’t waste your time at start.- Rakam Advertisement Analytics (Facebook & Adwords)- Rakam Gaming Analytics- Rakam Mobile Analytics- Rakam Website analytics

Simple as it’s…
You can integrate Rakam in seconds, click here get started now!


Burak Emre Kabakci