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Announcement: We Partnered with Segment

Rakam is a product analytics tool that allows you to analyze user behavior by using features such as funnel, segmentation, retention, and SQL. Many product managers struggle with generic business intelligence tools because of the technical knowledge required to use these tools efficiently. Non-technical people become dependent on the data team to create reports, and this is where we come in and offer non-technical background friendly UI to reduce the dependency of the product managers by allowing them to create reports with just a few clicks.

To take things even to a further level, we added Segment integration partnered with Segment and we will be included in their Developer Center.

Why Segment & Rakam

If you are already using Segment API, you already know how convenient it is to collect and store the event data with the Segment.

Organizations started to adopt data-driven decision making into their structures, and more and more companies collect and store their product and marketing data to gather insight by analyzing them. Segment is great at structuring your data, and Rakam connects to your database and enables you to analyze user event data, marketing data, support data, and finance data so that you can have an insight on what is going on in your app and discover hidden opportunities.

Segment recently announced partnerships with startups and we believe that Segment for startups is an excellent thing for early-stage startups to utilize the power of analytics to find the product market fit. We would be happy to help startups to analyze user behavior by using Rakam. For the early stage startups where you don’t have much workforce available Rakam can be an excellent tool to reduce the dependency of product managers to data teams when it comes to analyzing the company data. As an early stage startup, you might not have a wholly dedicated data team to assign for Business Intelligence tools, and we are here to help you out with our Mixpanel like user-friendly interface.

What Can You Do With Rakam?

The more data you have on your customers, the more opportunities you can spot to take your business to one step ahead. You need to understand every aspect of customer journey to make better decisions to improve your retention, engagement and conversion rate.

Product Data to Understand Your Users

Collecting and storing product data on your database can allow you to understand how your users behave in your app. You can segment your users to identify the common characteristics, or you can create funnels to see if your users are navigating smoothly through your app. Do retention analysis to discover if your app is addictive enough to keep your users coming back after the initial usage.

Understand your users to uncover hidden gems

Marketing Data to Increase ROI on Your Campaigns

See all your marketing data in one place. Connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram ad accounts to track your spendings. Analyze the performance of each marketing channel by calculating essential metrics such as CAC, LTV, Churn rate and so on.

Finance Data to Get the Numbers Right

Having an understanding of the numbers game is beneficial to your company. Calculate your financial metrics easily to track your cash flow and see how your investments are performing. Create your financial reports and pin them to finance team’s dashboards to give them a holistic view over the financial operations with just a few clicks.


We are proud to be partners with Segment and Rakam is a complementary tool on top of the Segment to up your analytics game. Analyzing all your company data without writing any code is going to multiply the benefit you get from the Segment.

We hope that you can use Segment and Rakam together to empower your decision makers to have a better understanding of your customers.


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