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How Can Customer Event Data Can Help You?

What Is Customer Event Data?

When you have a mobile or web app, your users perform different actions when they visit your platform. For example, if you visit an e-commerce website, and you add an item to your basket. This action is considered an event data. The scope is not limited to the example given above. There are many different customer event types for various businesses.

Businesses collect event data, to analyze it by using various platforms. Analyzing customer event data allows companies to have an understanding of their user’s behaviors. There is no restriction on how much event data you can gather depending on your application you could have thousands or millions of different user events.

Product Analytics For Sales and Marketing Teams

Using product analytics to get insight into user behavior can be very useful for sales and marketing professionals. If you can understand how your users behave in your app or website, then you can better optimize your product to deliver a better environment for your users.

Here is an example of how marketing professionals can use customer event data to design more accurate campaigns.

Let’s say that you are a food delivery company and you want to regain the users who churned in the previous months. As a marketing professional, you need to offer strong incentives to convince people to become a customer again.

You can segment your churned customers and analyze their shopping habits. Let’s say that from your analysis you found out that most of your churned users ordered ice cream pretty frequently. In this case, it’s clear whom you should target for the ice cream campaign.

So now you can export the contact details of your targeted group to your mailing tool. You can offer incentives such as a 20% discount on your next ice cream order and so on.

Launch the campaign, and you know that you targeted the right people because you analyzed the behaviors of your customers to handpick your target audience.

In Rakam we provide the most hassle-free way of analyzing your customer behavior. We believe that analyzing your customer event data should be hassle-free even for the people who don’t have any coding knowledge. That’s why we created our company.


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