How Rakam is different from Tableau?

How Rakam is different from Tableau?

Today let’s talk about a few outstanding features of Rakam and how its different from Tableau. Tableau’s data virtualization is outstanding compared to so many other conventional tools available in the market currently. Tableau is one of the first companies in the world to give its users the provision to conduct complex data visualization in the most effective way possible — a simple yet intuitive drag and drop manner. You need not be skilled in IT or require any assistance from any IT folks to highlight sections and display the results in charts. If you are looking forward to having high-powered data visualisation, then Tableau is the tool for you. Also; if you need to be able to customise your charts as you wish without any limit, Tableau should definitely be one of the tools that you try.

The notification functionality is ridiculously simple and only an admin can configure it, and not the end-users.

Let’s talk about Rakam (We launched a Brand New UI that everybody loves). Rakam focuses on event data use-cases from the day 1. Instead of writing complex SQL queries in order to be able to analyze your user behaviour, it provides Mixpanel-like interface for your event-data on top of your data warehouse. The integration is similar to the previous solutions that we mentioned, you enter your database credentials and connect to your event-data. The next phase is similar to Looker; you map your event data to our system. However; unlike Looker you don’t need to know any custom-built language similar to LookML, you use the UI to map your tables, special columns (event timestamp, user id etc.) and start using the funnel, retention and segmentation UI.

We also have SQL interface that allows you to run interactive SQL queries and visualise the data. We allow you to parametrize your queries, build custom reports with chart and table, make them interactive with report linking and variable features. The way it works is similar to Google Analytics but in a custom way; you build your own reports similar to the pre-defined Google Analytics reports and save them to be able to share within your team. We cache your data so that it becomes fast as GA.

Also, we provide advanced privacy features such as table level, column level and row level access. We’re aware that the product data is important and not all of your employees should be able to see all of your customer data so you give the right access to your teams in your organisation. Additionally; enterprise companies usually have hundreds of event types so we have a feature called taxonomy that allows you to add labels, descriptions and categories to your tables. It’s basically a book for your data in your data-warehouse.

Rakam is not an all-in-one solution, if you want to have a generic product that integrates with tens of databases Rakam might not be a good alternative. Also, it uses its own SQL syntax for security so there might be some sugar-syntax that is not supported by Rakam but supported in your data warehouse.

The charting capabilities are limited compared to Tableau, if you need advanced charts you might need to wait for Rakam team to implement it. — We’re always open for suggestions though!

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