Who is Rakam built for?

Data Analysts & Engineers

Use Rakam to save time on repetitive tasks such as writing SQL queries for different teams in your organization. You can model the data for once and enable your non-technical teams to get insights from their data by themselves using the UI.

Product & Marketing Teams

Track and compare all your marketing spent across different channels, deep dive into user behavior with Funnel and Retention reports, explore all user journey and company data in one platform without needing technical teams' help.

Managers & C-leves

Track down important business KPIs and metrics through Dashboards which can be prepared by your teams. Assign specific permissions, tasks and reports to different teams/users so they can focus on what matters. Transform your organization into data-driven culture.

Start Analyzing your data using ad-hoc features

Using rakam's built-in features, your teams can ask difficult questions with ease and draw powerful real-time insights from your data warehouse with trust. rakam removes the SQL and technical barrier to work with data.

Create behaviorial segmentation based on any combination of user actions or attributes. Calculate complex metrics like LTV, ARPU easily.

How many unique users purchased at least one product in the last two weeks?


Analyze user behavior step by step to find out where and why your users converted or dropped off.

What is the conversion rate from rewarded ad watch to purchase?


Find out what drives retention by breaking down users by their actions or attibutes such as signup date, device type or location etc. Create behavioral cohorts to track down the features and campaigns that most engage and retain users.

How often do users who watched rewarded ad come back to our app and watch another rewarded ad?


Visualize the complete user journey in a Sankey chart and discover the common paths people take on your product.

What are the common paths that users take through our application after they make a purchase.


Create custom queries and reports with the flexibility of SQL and later visualize them with rakam’s chart options.

How many unique users canceled an order last month?


Dashboards - for team's quick access.

rakam lets you create dashboards as code or using the drag & drop UI and collaborate with your teams by sharing dashboards as link, CSV or code.

Embed Analytics is here to power your App.

We offer Embed and white label Rakam to deliver an analytics experience within your existing app for your teams or customers.