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How Rakam is different from product analytics tools?

Since we have features such as funnel and retention, Rakam can also be confused with product analytics tools. See how we're different:

Works on top of your database

Most of the product analytics tools require you to send your data to their third party servers. If you care about your users' privacy, you should be storing all the sensitive event data in your database. We just let you analyze your event data using prebuilt reporting features.

Join company data with event data

Since Rakam connects to your database, you can join your company data with the event data easily. It helps you to see the big picture unlike the third-party product analytics tools.

How Rakam is different from traditional BI tools?

While most of the BI tools focus on creating charts & dashboards, our main use-case is ad-hoc analytics. You model your data once unlike most of the analytics tools and analyze the data as if you built an in-house product just for your data.

Ad-hoc analytics at scale

We do not pull raw data from your database, instead build the queries and execute them on on the fly. We also have data modeling features that lets you build tables in your database for performance.

Actionable insights

Thanks to the data modeling phase, the system will know more about our data in reporting pages. You can click the series in charts, table cells, and filter & export the data easily as you built an in-house tool.