Why Rakam?

You don't have to write SQL for every report.

You might be familiar with SQL but not all the people are. We have a data modeling language that lets you model your data once and build up analytical interfaces that can answer complex questions.

No Magic, just standard SQL

We generate standard SQL under the hood and the users can see and export the SQL queries to BigQuery Console whenever they want. THe SQL queries generated based on the query and optimized for big-data.

Integration with native types

We support BigQuery specific types such as STRUCT and ARRAY, you can filter the values and use our schema discovery feature in order to play with these types.

Run complex queries without complex UI

Our user interface lets you build queries that involve complex JOINs, sub-queries, post-processors and filters without writing any SQL. If you're analyzing event-data we also have funnel and retention features.

How it works


Connect your Bigquery database

Once you enter the credentials, you will see all the tables in your database.

Model your data

You can either use our UI to generate the models automatically or use Jsonnet and sync the models via GIT.


Analyze Data

We have many reporting feature that lets you segment the data, create funnel and retention queries without writing SQL.


Connect Rakam to your company data

One-click integrations help you to start using Rakam without any friction

Ready to try Rakam?

It's free for individual analysts & developers.