How it works

Connect your Postgresql database

Once you enter the credentials, you will see all the tables in your database.

Model your data your dataowflake

Model your data

You can either use our UI to generate the models automatically or use Jsonnet and sync the models via GIT.

Analyze Data

We have many reporting feature that lets you segment the data, create funnel and retention queries without writing SQL.

Analyze Data

Draw powerful insights from Postgresql via rakam

Rakam is a powerful analytics tool that connects directly to your Postgresql and let you run live ad-hoc analysis with ease. You can sign up on Rakam, connect your Postgresql warehouse by entering the data warehouse credentials. Once you model your data, your teams can start exploring their data and draw powerful business insights through rakam’s special reporting interfaces:

Segmentation: Deeply analyze metrics and KPIs by drilling down, filtering or pivoting the data.

Funnel: Analyze user behavior step by step and find out where and why they are dropping or converting.

Retention: Create cohort-based analysis to understand what drives retention by breaking down users by their actions or attributes.

Flow: Visualise the complete user journey in a Sankey chart and discover the common paths people take on your products.

SQL: Create custom queries and reports with SQL.