How it works

You can enable Rakam’s ad-hoc features on your Google Analytics Data for better analysis via a few clicks. Rakam's out-of-the-box data models include pre-defined metrics for revenue, user retention and marketing campaigns. You can also run open / closed funnel analysis with unlimited steps and retention analysis with custom filters / dimensions or path(sankey) analysis to have a complete overview of the user behavior.

Behavioral Analytics

We provide features such as funnel and retention so that you can analyze the event data with Rakam easily.

Analyze Event Metrics

You can analyze the raw event data via the segmentation feature and find out the company KPIs and metrics.

Connect Marketing Data

Join the product data with marketing data and see how your marketing campaigns affects the customer retention.


We model the data collected by various solutions, you can start using recipes and customize them for your use-case later on. You can see the source of the models from here:

Data modeling

Customizable for your use-case

We have created the models for Google Analytics 4 so that you can start using Rakam without any friction. You can copy the predefined models and create your own models depending on your use-case.

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