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Marketplace companies should be data-driven in order to be able to keep up with the competition. Every business has different use-cases so there is often no plug & play solution that fits in your use-case. Your data analysts can model your company data once using our data modeling engine and empower non-technical people in your organization to get insights from the data.

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Marketing Data

We modeled Facebook, Google Adwords and a few other marketing sources. You can compare them and drill-down the data easily.

Customer Behavioral Data

We have embedded funnel and retention features that lets you understand your user behaviour.

Mobile & Website Analytics

If you're collecting user data from mobile and web platforms, you can use Rakam for analyzing all the user data.

Customizable for your use-case

While we provide solutions for common use-cases, you can model your data in Rakam instead of developing an in-house solution.

How should I use Rakam?

I'm a Data Analyst & Engineer

Don't waste time writing SQL queries for different teams in your organization. Model the data once and let your teams analyze the data themselves.

I'm a Marketing & Product Person

Track and compare all of your marketing spent across different channels, analyze user behavioral data with funnel and retention, see all user journey and company data in one platform without any need of a developer.

I'm a Business User

You can make non-technical people do analysis without developing an in-house solution, we do not focus on creating chart but make all the people in your organization ask questions.

🤷‍ This tool is not for me?

That's OK, you can still enjoy a nice tetris game here.


Connect Rakam to your company data

One-click integrations help you to start using Rakam without any friction

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Our customers love what we do

“We are very happy with Rakam’s platform and the quality of their product. Rakam backend always meet or beat our expectations and we never have problems with the quality of the product. The best thing is when you’re confident enough to move your data to Rakam.”

Donna Velasquez
CTO | Adventure Bucket List Inc.

“With Rakam.io we're able to process our custom event data with ease. Being able to write our own custom reports allows us to created detailed reports. We can segment users based on complicated action history and see user engagements and retention for each user segment. The rakam BI panel allows us to create useful reports with graphs and tables easily which saves us the trouble of developing extra analytics panel.”

Kaan Ugurlu
Co-Founder | Scorp Inc.

“We needed an Analytics solution that could scale with our business model. With rakam have a simple but yet powerful infrastructure that does that and more. I like that rakam does the heavy work for us. We don’t have to deal with multiple and complex Analytics products. We can just use Rakam and it grows with us.”

Nataly Cortes
CEO | Mobileforms Inc.