You have everything in your market place and we have all your data in one place

Optimize your customer acquisition cost, manage your inventory analyze supply and demand. Support your product teams with the insight you gather from Rakam

Rakam answers these questions in a seamless way and lets you drill-down these metrics so that you can understand how your users are behaving.

  • Revenue analytics
  • Repeat Purchases
  • Average order price
  • Gross Merchandise Volume
  • Buyer / Seller Overlap

Rakam is a self-service analytics tool that lets you understand your users. We help you manage all your company data in one place so that you can see the big picture easily and continuously.

Your product managers can analyze the customer event data to get insight into how the supply and demand will shape in the future.

Your business people can see the dashboards and reports shared with them, get scheduled dashboard directly their dashboard and act accordingly.

Your data engineers can easily integrate Rakam with your database, make the non-technical teams be able to ask questions within the UI without writing any SQL.

Your data analysts can use our advanved SQL editor, parametrize the queries and create custom reports that can be shared within your organization.

It's quite easy to get started using Rakam, you don't need to learn any language, you basically use our UI to map your data and use our non-technical people friendly reporting features.
If you're already familiar with any other reporting software, please take a look at our comparison page.